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Five Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile

When looking for a new job, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools you can use. However, recruiters and employers will expect to see certain things on your profile. This article focuses on this subject by providing tips for your profile.

1. Use a professional profile photo

It's crucial to remember that LinkedIn is a business networking site rather than a conventional social media site. Therefore, the images you use on Facebook or Instagram are unlikely to be suitable for LinkedIn. The business networking site is also not a place to post multiple personal photos.

Instead, you should aim to select a professional headshot taken in clothing appropriate to the line of business you are in. Also, a photo is essential to demonstrate credibility and legitimacy, which will help to show recruiters that you are a serious candidate. Remember that it's not about obtaining likes, but showing your professionalism for a new role.

2. Complete your profile to increase your chances

Recruiters and employers will look at your LinkedIn profile to find out more information regarding your career background. Therefore, you want to ensure you are providing enough detail to stand out from other potential candidates.

In essence, this means filling out a compelling profile statement providing a summary of your career and then listing the various positions you have held. One advantage that LinkedIn has over a resume is you have a lot more space to expand on your achievements, and you want to take advantage of that. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't provide detail and only list the positions they have held. You can also provide a list of skills towards the bottom of your profile.

3. Connections are not a numbers game

On some social media sites, having a lot of fans or followers is essential. However, you shouldn't look at LinkedIn this way. The business networking site is much more about creating genuine connections rather than being a numbers game.

Recruiters and employers may carefully look at the number of connections you have when accessing your profile. Having a high number of connections won't impress them and could actually damage your chances of landing the job. The reason being is it may look like you are adding people at random rather than connecting with those you have a genuine connection with.

4. Think carefully about your headline

After you have spent time adding detail to your profile, another vital aspect is the headline you choose for your profile. Your headline will be seen by others in searches such as by recruiters and employers, and you want to ensure it represents you accurately.

Of course, this can be a challenge for some people that have multiple business or career interests. You should consider carefully what your headline should say based on what you want to achieve on LinkedIn. For example, you may want to seek new clients as a freelancer, or you may be looking for a more conventional position. A clear headline will help others determine what your interests are.

5. Endorsements and recommendations are powerful

It's often said that it's more important what others say about you, than what you say about yourself. Of course, when it comes to writing a resume or your career history, you will present the best version of yourself. Similarly, you can say you have specific skills, but the recruiter or employer may not have enough evidence that you actually do.

Endorsements though allow users in your network to endorse your skills and as more people endorse a particular skill, recruiters and employers can be more confident in your abilities. Of course, this helps to build a fuller picture along with your career history. Also, LinkedIn allows you to receive recommendations so others can provide a brief overview of their experience of working with you.

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for business networking as well as job seeking. Recruiters and employers can use it to identify candidates for new positions. However, if you are looking for a new role, you must provide the best impression on the platform. After all, a bad LinkedIn profile can do your prospects more harm than good. Remember to use a professional photo, fill out your profile completely, focus on quality connections, consider your headline carefully and seek endorsements and recommendations.

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