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We Are Rinvio: Changing the Face of Recruitment

At Rinvio, we are committed to revolutionizing the recruitment industry. We understand that effective hiring is not just about filling positions but building strong, sustainable relationships between companies and candidates. With our innovative technology and people-first approach, we transform the recruitment process into a streamlined, efficient, and transparent experience.

Our Mission

A New Paradigm for Hiring

We exist to empower recruiters with cutting-edge technology that elevates their capabilities and expands their reach. Our mission is to shape the future of hiring into a more collaborative, efficient, and human-centered process, where every placement is a step towards industry growth and innovation.


From Ignite to Rinvio: A Story of Evolution

Our story began with a vision and a name: Ignite Recruitment. Founded by Chad Bean, Ignite was conceived as a dynamic, flexible solution to the rigid structures of traditional recruitment. Our journey took an exciting turn as we evolved into Rinvio, a brand that better represents our expansive vision and commitment to excellence. We carry forward the spirit of Ignite as we forge a new path under our new name.


Our New Home: Huntington Beach

Our roots were first planted in Santa Monica, but as we've grown, so has our need for a space that reflects our ambitions. Today, our headquarters are located in Huntington Beach, California—a fitting base for a company that’s all about making waves in the recruitment industry.

Open Source Hiring: A Philosophy of Empowerment

Open Source Hiring is our guiding principle. It defines our commitment to breaking down barriers in the recruitment process. By harnessing the collective knowledge and networks of our community of recruiters, we enable a collaborative approach that amplifies opportunities for both companies and job seekers.

Our Diversity Initiative: Beyond Theories

At Rinvio, diversity is a core business value. We actively devise and implement strategies to not just talk about diversity, but to live it. We're committed to using our platform to support and empower underrepresented talent, and we actively assist our clients in reducing implicit bias within their hiring practices.

Team of Industrial Engineers

Looking Forward: The Future with Rinvio

As we continue to grow, we are constantly developing new ways to better serve our clients, recruiters, and candidates. We're scaling our technology, refining our processes, and cultivating a community of passionate professionals who are as dedicated to transformative hiring practices as we are.

Ready to Experience the Revolution of Referral Hiring?

Become a part of our network of innovative recruiters and forward-thinking companies.

Our New Home: Huntington Beach

Address: 300 Pacific Coast Hwy, #305

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Email Address:

Phone: (657) 301-2003

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